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EPYSL Online Official Registration & Risk Management Disclosure

If you are interested in coaching for EPYSL, please contact Director of Coaching and Player Development Kimberly Pratt at Coaches must be approved each year by the EPYSL Board prior to receiving a team assignment for the upcoming playing season.

Once approved by the EPYSL Board to particiate in the upcoming playing season, each coach must complete a the one-time online risk management disclosure and be live scan fingerprinted before you will be assigned a team.

EPYSL will arrange and pay for your fingerprinting upon request.


Approved Coaches Only:

To complete the online dislclosure, click here to register now.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

 Fingerprinting is also required to Coach with EPYSL.

Once approved by the DOC, take the EPYSL Live Scan Form to the

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office in San Andreas along the $17.  Please

contact the sheriff's office at 754-6500 to make an appointment.

EPYSL Required CPR Training and Concussion Education


To better protect and treat players that may have sustained a concussion, Cal North has developed a protocol for assessing, managing, reporting and protecting these players. Our goal is to help educate coaches, referees, parents and players to insure that players who suffer potential concussions are properly evaluated and treated before returning to play.

Cal North has three documents that coaches should be familiar with and carry at every practice and game in case a player becomes injured. All are available online at the links below:

  1.     Cal North Accident report form.
    1.     Coaches should fill out this form for any player injury to alert Cal North Staff and initiate the Insurance Claims process.
    2.     Link to Accident Report
  2.     Cal North Concussion Procedure and Protocol
    1.     This document explains possible concussion signs and symptoms, treatment recommendations and the process for clearing a player to return to play.
    2.     Link to Concussion Procedures and Protocol
  3.     Cal North Possible Concussion Report form
    1.     Coaches and parents should fill out and send this form to the Cal North office for every case of a possible concussion.
    2.     Link to Concussion Report Form


Cal North Accident - Injury Notification Form

Cal North Possible Concussion Form

Coaching Resources

The US Youth Soccer Coaching Department has introduced its latest coaching resources with three age-specific practice activity guides. The three guides — for the U6-U8, U-10 and U-12 age groups — give coaches an idea of what should be covered throughout a season while highlighting activities that focus on development in a low-stress, fun-filled environment.  The practice activity guides can be very beneficial to those new to coaching youth soccer and act as a useful resource for experienced youth coaches. You can download all three practice activity guides below, as well as other useful resources from the US Youth Soccer Coaching Department.

Coaches Document Center
Includes the Player Development Model, Vision Document, Skills School and Coaching Manual

Training Session Template

Coaches Section:

NSCAA - National Soccer Coaches Association of America

The mission of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America is to develop and to deliver educational programming and events that inspire members to improve and to enhance their involvement in soccer. The NSCAA will activate a network of coaches, and others, involved in the sport who will take responsibility for advancing soccer in the greater community.  The NSCAA offers a comprehensive yet focused curriculum inclusive of all coaches at all levels of the game.

To learn more about NSCAA coaching courses or to sign up for any of the courses below, please go to: //